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Insurance companies, that ensure medical care for millions of people, waste every day a lot of energy and money with unhelpful systems.

With our ZABAS product family, we support our customers in the essential processes of medical billing. From digital invoice submission, invoice verification, and fraud prevention to final billing. Our solutions are modular and interlock optimally to make processes as efficient as possible.

ZABAS Regulation

With our ZABAS modules for regulation, we enable rule-based and fully automated verification and regulation of medical invoices for health insurance companies and public contribution agencies. The simple yet comprehensive rules engine makes ZABAS the market leader in medical bill review for private health insurance.

As part of the modules, invoices are verified, processed, and released according to the criteria and verification rules that can be defined for each customer. For the insurance companies, rules are adjusted based on their respective tariffs and fees. Manual activities are reduced, and the free resources can be used specifically where an individual examination makes sense.

Thanks to our supplementary analysis module, the efficiency of the relevant processes can be measured so that further optimizations can be made. After all, this is also what drives us: we do not stay satisfied with what we have achieved, but want to become better and better along with our customers.

In the modern world, data and its analysis are essential for making informed decisions. ZABAS gives you easy access to everything - to all your relevant data. Thanks to our simulation process, you are able to identify potentials instead of constantly reacting to changes. Our customers benefit from a clear view of their current status and optimisation potential.

ZABAS Engage

Insured clients demand digital solutions to get in touch with their insurer. Through our white-label approach, we offer access to a digital solution in the shortest time possible. Which, in addition to an invoice scan for submitting medical statements, offers a wide variety of options for direct communication between the insurance company and its customer. Through this solution, insurers can significantly reduce process costs by optimising submissions for easy processing. Furthermore, with ZABAS Engage we enable insurers to better market their products: Through sale areas that can be targeted with NBA (Next best actions) and quickly and cost-effectively placed on various broker platforms and with the help of standardised BiPRO interface technology.

ZABAS Detection

With the help of our fraud prevention software ZABAS Detection, private health insurers can detect fraud faster and fight it more effectively: Thanks to intelligent data analysis and the use of machine learning approaches, submitted receipts and billing data are evaluated and false claims are identified. Conspicuous billings can thus be automatically withheld, preventing insurance fraud, which add up to millions every year.


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