The digital future of the health insurance industry

We help our customers take the next step in the German healthcare market with artificial intelligence.


As a market leader, our data-driven billing system ZABAS Detection offers protection against billing fraud.


In the medium term, additional insights will be gained from the data. This will optimise our existing system and add useful features.

Predictive health

With the help of the database, future events can be predicted so that proactive action can be taken.

Preventive care

In the future, we will be able to proactively support patients in their health care by making recommendations based on our data analyses.

Fighting billing fraud with innovation

Thanks to our software, private health insurers can identify fraudsters quicker and more effectively: When billing data is analysed, false claims are detected and the corresponding billings are automatically withheld. Then, a manual check can be performed. As an innovative partner in the insurance industry, we stand firmly by our customers to make the billing process efficient and secure.